Bone Deep
This is too cute!
Summary: AU-ish. The Lahey Pack abandon’s three year-old pup Isaac and Derek takes him in. At first he thinks adjusting to life with a child in his home will be tough but when he starts sending him to daycare, Derek fears of someone finding out their secret. And that’s when single parent, Stiles, takes an interest in little Isaac.

Maybe we can convince her/him to finish it!


fic: Are u awake?


Title: Are u awake?

Author: clawedd

Rating: G

Word Count: 1042

Warnings: N/A

Summary : Isaac texts Stiles in the middle of the night.

Isaac searched for Stiles’ number in his phone, but hesitated. Would it be too weird calling him at this time in the morning? Would it be rude?Isaac took a deep breath and decided to text him instead.

"are u awake?"


Imagine it’s a couple years after the season 3 finale

and everyone has pretty much moved on. Except Isaac.
He’s all grumpy and depressing and nobody can lift his spirits.
So, one day Stiles has decided he’s had enough and becomes determined to make him laugh or at least smile
So he finds an old playlist of funny songs and decides to dance around like a goon singing and dressed all silly.
He’s all, “this one goes out to a Mr. Grumpy Wolf Derek Jr.” (Derek is unamused.)
So naturally everyone is there, staring at Stiles with worry because it’s Stiles.
And then Stiles presses play. And its the wrong playlist..

"I want to get next to you.
Yeah I love all the things you do.
I want to get close to you.
You are my dream come true.”

And Stiles is like “Uh, no wait” and tries to change the song, but his ipod is misbehaving. Isaac and everyone else are just watching him confused and a lil freaked out.
By the time it gets to:

"I want to have sex with you.
Your sweet caress won’t do.”

Stiles is like having a seizure trying to turn the thing off. The Sheriff is just sitting there facepalming, because Stiles. While Derek sits there with an eyebrow raised and Scott watches on shocked

Isaac… Isaac bites his lip.

"Cause I’m obsessed with you.
Yeah I’m obsessed with you.”

At this point, Stiles is stomping on the damn thing and suddenly there’s this loud earpeircing chuckle and everyone turns to Isaac astonished. And Isaac is trying to cover his mouth, all red in the face and shoulders shaking, but he finally just let’s loose and starts laughing so hard that he falls to the floor holding his sides while everyone looks on fondly. Everyone else starts laughing as well. Even Derek grins.

And Stiles just smiles, embarrassment forgotten, because mission accomplished.



Can I just ship Chekov with fucking everybody?

I mean. 

There are literally NO ships that involve Chokov that aren’t cute as hell.

McChekov - Fucking ADORABLE

Scokov - You bet your goddamn ass. Engineering buddies. Hell yeah.

Kirkov - Hero worship. Fuck yes.

Spockov - Only logical

Chulu - Not really my first pick, but still yes

I mean c’mon. Look at him. He’s an adorable bab and everyone loves him.

-Sighs eternally.-

Let’s be best friends okay